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Highly Integrated Motor Controllers


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PIC-SERVO motion control systems are installed around the world in applications as diverse as biotech automation, oilfield automation, mass data storage systems and NASA experimental vehicles.

We offer motion control boards with integrated power amplifiers for DC servo motors, brushless servo motors and stepper motors, as well as controller chips for your own custom boards.   Easily connected to standard serial ports, you can create powerful multi-axis, mixed-motor control systems.   We take the mystery out of motion control.


New Releases


bluedot_sm.gif (812 bytes) Motion Basic Programmable Controller Chip
bluedot_sm.gif (812 bytes) New ASCII Command Interface Simplifies Application Development
bluedot_sm.gif (812 bytes) SSA-485 Smart Serial  Adapter

bluedot_sm.gif (812 bytes) Updated version of NMCTest
bluedot_sm.gif (812 bytes) CNC Application Note
bluedot_sm.gif (812 bytes) Dual PIC_STEP Application Note