Hands-On CNC Milling Machine - An Open Source Project
 Build your own CNC milling machine for $878

Easy to build, easy to use - assemble in 3 hours
  • All parts pre-fabricated or available off-the-shelf
  • Precision all steel construction - laser cut and folded
  • USB 3-axis servo controller with pre-wired motors - no wiring!
  • Complete assembly instructions with video
  • Easy installation of Windows control software
  • Machine wood, plastic - even aluminum and brass
       "This mill is incredibly convenient to use -
                   there's no other DIY machine like it." 
- WJ, Bellingham, WA  
How does it work?
Buy some parts specifically designed for the Lobo CNC mill (motors, controllers, precision sheet metal) from selected vendors, and the rest of the off-the-shelf parts from a list of suppliers.  The links below have all the information you need for purchasing parts, assembling, and operating your Lobo CNC milling machine.  Buying and assembling the parts yourself is what makes this advanced machine highly affordable.

Why Lobo CNC?
  • Hands-On CNC -  Seamlessly switch between computer control and manual positioning/machining - it makes setups a snap!
  • DRO Display -  Accurate digital position readout during CNC and manual operation
  • Servo Control -  Smoother, faster and safer than stepper control with easy USB connection - no wiring!
  • Steel Construction -  Precision laser-cut 14ga steel structure.  Other CNC kits have structural components of MDF (particle-board) or plastic.
  • Large Workspace -  15" x 4" table, 10" x 8" x 7" (X, Y, Z) travel, stiff enough for wood, plastic, aluminum, brass
  • Open Source - Drawings, parts lists and source code are all published here.  A growing user base will add features and value to your machine over time.
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