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Part List: What, Where, How much?
The basic millng machine without motors, controller or spindle is $350.  The current estimated total part cost for building the Lobo CNC mill with spindle router, servo motors and controller is: $878.  (The basic machine can also be used with lower-cost stepper motors and controllers.)  All of the parts needed, along with suggested vendors, are sorted into the following categories:
Prefabricated Sheet Metal Parts (precision laser cut and CNC folded)                         
Sheet metal parts are fabricated by a high quality sheet metal manufacturer, and can be purchased through Jeff Kerr.  Alternately, you can use the drawings (DXF version: lobocnc_dxf.zip or PDF version: lobocnc_pdf.zip) to get your own parts fabricated..

Recommended Vendor:   Manufactured by CEL Manufacturing (celmfg.com), purchase from
Jeff Kerr (order from on-line order page)
Price for complete set:   $150.00
Set Includes:

1 Y-Z Slide 14 ga Steel
1 Y-Z Stiffener 14 ga Steel
1 X Slide 14 ga Steel
4 End Bracket 14 ga Steel
2 Spindle Mount 14 ga Steel
1 Spindle Mount End Cap 14 ga Steel
2 Foot 14 ga Steel
2Strap14 ga Steel
2 Carriage plate 0.125 Steel
1 Controller Box Top 0.062 Aluminum
1 Controller Box Bottom 0.062 Aluminum

Motor Controller and Motors                                                                                        
The Lobo CNC mill was designed to use a custom servo motor controller board which connects to your PC via USB.  This option requires no wiring.  (See the Motor Control page for details.)  Alternately, you can wire up your own conventional stepper based controller and most NEMA 17 stepper motors.  The stepper motor option will yield lower performance, and will not give you the DRO dispaly feature.  Note: the software we provide here is only compatible with our custom servo motor controller board.

Servo Motor Option
Recommended Vendor:   Jeff Kerr (order from on-line order page)
Price for a complete set:   $450.00
Items needed:
3 NEMA 17 motor with 400 line encoder and cable $95.00 ea.
1 S3x3 motor controller board $250.00
  - or -
1 Order as complete set: 3 motors + 1 controller board $450.00

Stepper Option
There are hundreds of different options for stepper drivers and NEMA 17 stepper motors.  They vary considerably in cost, performance and ease-of use.  There is no particular recommended vendor, but you can try places like steppersonline.com, hobbycnc.com, or automationtechnologiesinc.com .

Off-the-shelf Hardware                                                                                                
Jeff Kerr has purchased in bulk most of the hardware that is expensive in small quantities (bearings, couplings, etc.), or a nuisance to buy separately (lots of different screws) and offers it as a hardware kit.  Alternately, you can purchase all of these parts separately yourself.

Recommended Vendor:   Jeff Kerr (order from on-line order page)
Price for the kit:   $195.00
The hardware kit includes:

12 LFR50/5-4NPP double-row guide bearingsvxb.com
3 FR4-ZZ 0.250" ID  flanged bearingsvxb.com
3 Lovejoy L035 coupling hub, 5mm boremcmaster.com
3 Lovejoy L035 coupling hub, 1/4-20 thread (modified from 5mm bore)mcmaster.com
3 Lovejoy L035 coupling spidermcmaster.com
3 Dimco 2-228-301 knobs w/1/4-20 insertamazon.com
4 4-40 x 0.5" pan head screwmcmaster.com
4 6-32 x 0.25" pan head screwmcmaster.com
56 10-32 x 3/8 pan head, self tapping screw (type F)mcmaster.com
12 10-32 x 3/4 flat head screwmcmaster.com
6 6-32 x 5/8 pan head screwmcmaster.com
9 1/4-20 nutmcmaster.com
12 M3 x 5mm pan head screwmcmaster.com
12 #10 x 5/16" OD x 0.187" L aluminum spaceraluminumspacers.com
4 #4 x 0.25" L nylon spacermcmaster.com
3 Antibacklash nut (custom fabricated - see : lobocnc_dxf.zip or lobocnc_pdf.zip for details)
3 Nut clamp (custom fabricated - see : lobocnc_dxf.zip or lobocnc_pdf.zip for details)

Additional Hardware                                        _____________                                    
There are a few additional parts that you will need:
3 Lead screw 1/4-20 x 14 5/8"L unplated threaded rod (cut to length) $2 at various hardware stores
1 Power supply EDAC EA1050B-240-1
24v, 2.5amp, 2.5mm ID power plug
(requires standard detachable cord - order Jameco 1585637)
$25 at jameco.com
1 USB cable 10U2-02215-BK-R
standard USB A-B cable
$3 at jameco.com
1 Worktable (optional)  4.5" x 15" x 3/8" MDF or phenolic (see instructions page for details)
1 Drill press vise (optional) Grizzly H7575 $32 at grizzly.com

Spindle Routers                                                                                                          
The Lobo CNC mill is designed for use with several common compact routers with nominal 2.5" dia. bodies.  

Estimated price (Grizzly H7790): $49.00
Makita RT0700C Variable speed, soft start,1/4" and 3/8" collet, optional 1/8" collet adapter, metal body $99 at Home Depot
Makita 3707FC Plastic body, 0.250" collet only $149 at Home Depot
Grizzly H7790 Metal body, 0.250" collet only $49 at grizzly.com
Grizzly H7791 Plastic body, 0.250" collet only $52 at grizzly.com
Harbor Freight 44914 Plastic body, 0.250" collet only $28 at Harbor Freight