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User Applications and Developments
This is the page where users can share their hardware or software improvements or additions to the Lobo CNC Project, and also links to useful 3rd party software.  Just e-mail me a description of what you've got
(source files, links, drawings, etc.) and I can post it here.  You can also post items on the LoboCNC User Forum.

Application Software      Utility/Control Software     Hardware  

Application Software
Applications wanted!  Got any software for generating G-code for specific applications that you'd like to share?

CAMBAM (cambam.info) is a great low-cost program for generating G-code programs from DXF files.  It can also generate G-Code for 3D machining from STL files.  Plus, it has a very generous free demo period.  Here's a quick tutorial video using CAMBAM to convert a DXF file to G-Code, and then running it on the Lobo CNC milling machine.

LoboLitho.exe (lobocnc.com/lobolitho.zip) is a very basic Windows program for converting bitmap images (.bmp files) to G-Code for carving lithopanes.  See the photos page for examples.  C++ source code included.

DeskEngrave (www.deskam.com/deskengrave.html) is a free program for converting text (Windows fonts) into G-codes to trace the edges of each character (engraving).  It can also convert the text outlines to DXF.  You can then use something like CAMBAM above to generate positive and negative cutouts for inlays.

Fretboard.exe (lobocnc.com/fretboard.zip) is a free Windows application written by Jeff Kerr for cutting blind fret slots in guitar or other instrument fret boards using a small diameter end mill (~0.023").  It generates G-Code based on the scale, number of frets, etc., and can handle compound radiused fret boards and fan fret slotting patterns.  
C++ source code included.

Utility and Control Software
Here's where we'll post user enhaced versions of the PSCNC program, alternate platform implementations of PSCNC (Android anyone?) and other sorts of utility and test software.  

PSCNC (lobocnc.com/lobopscnc.zip) is the default G-code interpreter/machine controller designed for use with the S3x3 motro controller baord.  
C++ source code included.

Mach3 (www.machsupport.com) is one of the most popular CNC machine control programs for drivers using Step & Direction control.  The S3x3 board can be configured fro use with Step & Direction control  using the application note below.

SD_CNC (jrkerr.com/sd_cnc.zip) is an application note on how to set up PIC-SERVO controllers for Step & Direction input control.  It also includes a DRO program which can be run along side your machine control program (like Mach3)  to display the motor encoder positions.  This DRO program also allows you to disable/enable the drivers for machining by hand when not using the machine controller.

NMCTest (jrkerr.com/nmctest.zip) is a diagnostic program which lets you do detailed testing of the operation of the PIC-SERVO controllers on the S3x3 controller board.

Hardware Developments
Drawings/plans for tooling, jigs, and modifications to the standard Lobo CNC milling machine will be posted here.

Phenolic replacable table (table.zip) is a practical necessity for machining.  This sturdy table can easily be replaced or flipped over after one too many "accidents".